Alberta Construction and Metal Building Company Featured on Avenue Calgary

Architect and design-builder Ryan Schmidt was recently featured in Avenue Magazine Calgary, where he discussed renovating an inner-city 1930s home and overcoming unique restoration challenges.


Speaking to Avenue CalgarySchmidt said he couldn’t have done this project without his wife Meghan Drennan’s artistic eye and his father Lyle Schmidt’s sweat equity.

Lyle was the founder of Ironwood Building Systems, a Rocky View, Alberta based and second generation steel construction company now run by his son under the name   Ironwood Building Corp.

Ryan talked about spending a year cleaning, gutting, updating and expanding the 900-square-foot space to 1,700-square-feet by converting the attic into the master bedroom suite and dealing with some pricey surprises.


The Calgary based architect also discussed his passion for restoring historic details throughout the home and the meticulous and thoughtful inclusion of modern amenities and services next to historic pieces. He described how an original brass thermostat was juxtaposed next to a 21st century digital model and original scalloped brass door hinges, skeleton keys and heat vents came to life among the modern conveniences of a Vacuflo system and built-in ceiling speakers.


In addition to its unique character, the one-and-a-half storey house was built by David “Sweeney” Schriner, a left-winger for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Hockey Hall of Famer who played during the 1930s.

Schmidt was impressed with the remarkable condition of the original art deco window casings, brass door hinges, crystal doorknobs, light fixtures and especially the hardwood floor that had no gapping after all these years and credits the care of the second home owners for this.


You can read the feature HERE.